Spaghetti Dinner at the Fire Station is Still a GO….

…. So, be sure to go (or come) to the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station between 4-7 p.m. on Saturday, the 31st of August for an awesome spaghetti dinner that you won’t have to prepare. $10 adults, $5 kids age 10 and under. Free for fire fighters in uniform. Just come out to the station and enjoy…….

  • Spaghetti with Russ’s great (now notorious) sauce, with sausage or vegetarian; regular pasta or gluten free
  • Garlic bread
  • Salad with tomatoes from Cover’s fields (thank you Peter Cover for the donation)
  • Lemonade, tea or water
  • Ice Cream cups–vanilla, chocolate or strawberry
  • Community spirit – see your neighbors, bring a neighbor, meet a neighbor

All this and you don’t have to shop, cook or clean up!

I look forward to seeing you there. Remember also that you can choose to do what we call ‘takey-outie’. Aka take out. Same $10/$5 price.

Our jolly chef welcomes you to the 2019 Spaghetti Dinner!
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PSPS Update, 8 a.m., 10-9-19

As a reminder from Blythe: PSPS = Public Safety Power Shut Off

Here is the update from Liz PetersonSenior Administrative Analyst / OES Coordinator, Tuolumne County Administrator’s Office regarding PG&E as of this morning:

  • De-energization for Tuolumne County (as a part of Phase 2) will take place around noon but there is a “definite possibility” it could be pushed back about an hour to around 1:00pm
    • It takes a few hours for PG&E to complete the de-energization process so know everyone’s power won’t go off at exactly the same time
  • As of early this morning (between midnight and 4:00am) 523,000 customers are currently out of power in counties to the north of us
  • The PG&E Community Resource Center hours will now be from 8:00am-8:00pm. Again this facility is located at the Motherlode Fairgrounds at 220 Southgate Ave. and has water, charging capabilities and other resources
    • In addition, the Groveland Community Services District and the Twain Harte Community Services District have made their facilities available with water, wifi and electronic charging stations.
  • PG&E’s website continues to struggle with the amount of traffic it is receiving but they are working to resolve the issues. Their website is the best location for the public to receive updates and estimated restoration times:  
  • The County’s Economic Development Director and Visit Tuolumne County are working to compile a list of businesses that will remain open through the PSPS event. When we get that information we will share it broadly.

End of PG&E update.

Chief McClintock reiterates that the Highway 108 Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station will be open for your needs–cell phone recharging (bring your own power cords)and as a place to rest if you need warmth or cooling.

Updates will follow as available. From the long lines of cars waiting to gas up at Zak’s gas station last night, people are taking this seriously, as they should.

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PG&E De-Energization Update, 12: 30 p.m.

From Chief Steve McClintock, Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District

Here is a brief update from the 12:30 call with PG&E.

  • PG&E has made the decision to move forward with the de-energization and they are notifying their customers at this time.
  • Overall customer impact for this PSPS has increased to about 750,000.
  • There is still no definitive word on when we should expect de-energization. As I mentioned previously, we could be in Phase 2 with de-energization at noon tomorrow but there is a chance we would be included in Phase 1, which would take place at midnight tonight. PG&E will have that information by this afternoon and I will pass it along as soon as I know.
  • Cellular communications should still be intact throughout the duration of this event unless they experience damage from the winds.


Liz Peterson
Senior Administrative Analyst / OES Coordinator
Tuolumne County Administrator’s Office

From Chief McClintock: The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station will have the capability to charge cell phones as needed. Don’t hesitate to stop by.

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Office of Emergency Services (OES) Press Release

Karl Rodefer, Director
Tracie M. Riggs, Assistant Director
Liz Peterson, Coordinator

The National Weather Service has issued a fire weather watch for much of Northern California. Gusty winds and dry conditions combined with a heightened fire risk are forecast this week in Tuolumne County. The main period of weather risk will be Wednesday morning through Thursday midday.

As a precaution, PG&E plans to de-energize* power in Tuolumne County beginning Wednesday, 10/9/19. All the county’s PG&E customers could be affected.

PG&E will re-energize power as their lines and other infrastructure are inspected and deemed safe. Full power restoration could take up to 5 days so Tuolumne Country residents should be prepared to be without power for the duration of the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event.

Take Your Own Precautions:

  • Make sure you have enough mediations (medications??) on hand as well as spare food and water
  • Avoid all outdoor burning and other activities that could pose a fire danger
  • Ensure generators are installed and being used properly
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, frail, or those with access and functional needs
  • de-energize: new word for the dictionary. Alternate definition: cut the power. (That’s an editorial comment from Blythe, not the OES.)

Thank you PG&E and OES for keeping us updated on this potential power outage and its ramifications.

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PG&E Public Safety Alert, Monday, October 7, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,
Gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, are forecasted in the next 36 to 48 hours and may impact electric service. To view a list of your potentially impacted locations visit
Here is what you need to know:
Please have your emergency plan ready in case we need to turn off power for public safetyWe will continue to monitor conditions and will contact you with further updatesIf there is an outage we will work to restore service as soon as it is safe to do soIn most cases, we would expect to be able to restore power within 24 to 48 hours after weather has passedDepending on weather conditions or if any repairs are needed, outages (weather event plus restoration time) could last longer than 48 hoursFor planning purposes, we suggest preparing for multiple-day outagesIf you see a downed power line, assume it is energized and extremely dangerous and report it immediately by calling 911
For more information, including regular updates, visit or call 

Thank you, 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company 

Message sent on Monday , October 7th 
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PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff

From Liz Peterson, Senior Administrative Analyst / OES Coordinator, Tuolumne County Administrator’s Office:

I was just notified by PG&E this morning (Monday, 7 Oct, 2019) that a severe wind event is expected to impact Tuolumne County (as well as 28 other counties) starting at 4:00am on Wednesday, October 9th and extending through 12:00pm (noon) on Thursday, October 10th. De-energization is likely at some point during this wind event. All Tuolumne County residents may be affected for up to 5 days

CalOES and PG&E will continue to provide updates on weather and customer impacts. PG&E will be notifying their affected customers later today.

Per Chief Steve McClintock, Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Department, the station does have room for those who might need a warm place if this takes place.

Contact information for Liz Peterson:
Phone: (209) 533-6396

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Today is National Good Neighbor Day

How well do you know your neighbors? Up here in Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine we often have part time neighbors. Sometimes we know them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we never even see them.

Speaking for Russ and myself, we have no permanent full time neighbors but we do know our part time neighbors left and right and to the next right (via the back yard) and across the street and actually several other part timers across the street left and right. And we know lots and lots of full timers and part timers throughout the community because of our affiliation with the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District.

Is anyone besides me a huge Mr. Rogers fan???

As a ‘good neighbor’ today, why not call a neighbor just to say ‘hi’. Or take some cookies or something thoughtful over to them. Or just walk over and introduce yourself with a smiling HI, I’m “Fred” or “Susie” or whomever. Perhaps you could ask if they’d like you to pick up their mail or run and errand. Now if my part time neighbors were home, I’d be walking over with a few glasses of wine. Well…actually a bottle so we could just sit back, relax and chat for a while. I must admit that we have THE BEST neighbors in any direction and when we leave this wonderful community we’re going to miss them big time. But that’s another blog post.

Howdy neighbor!

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Working on Changes for our Site and Helicopters

Long time, or short time, readers might be noticing a few changes on our Mi Wuk Area News blog posts these past few days. Bottom line: we are updating the format and style and ease of usage. Navigation will be easier. The site will be cleaner. Just lots of all ’round improvements.

Right now this is post is pretty much a test on my side to see how this particular post looks. And you might not see any change at all yet.

Here is a piece of information though….. Do you remember all those helicopters on Sunday? The ones that made you stop what you were doing, wonder if there was a fire in the area?

Well–it was PG&E doing a photographic inspection of its power lines in the area (Long Barn, Mi Wuk, Twain Harte among others) as part of the Wildfire Safety Program. I wish we knew ahead of time that they would be flying, making noise and making us nervous. You could see a large camera on the ‘nose’ of the helicopter. But, now they are gone, we know why they were in the area and hopefully the information gained will be to our benefit.

I’ll let you know when all changes in the new blog format are complete. Huge thank you to a currently anonymous benefactor for taking our blog under his wings and giving it a much needed upgrade.

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Thank You Notes to All Who Made it Happen

You might or might not know that I’m a crazed rubber stamper and have been for nearly 25 years. This is our (Russ and me) last year as chairmen of the annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine fire station. I wanted to be sure to send hand stamped and hand written thank you notes to all who made the event such a success.

Voila! Pasta on a plate for our favorite and most special guests!

But….making over 20 thank you cards takes a bit of time so I made this quick and easy, single layer card using my favorite chef stamp. The cards aren’t perfect but they are heartfelt. A chef. A red/white checkered tablecloth. And a plate of spaghetti. It’s not easy (or even very pretty) coloring a plate of pasta but I hope the idea came across.

Huge THANK YOU to all committee and community members who made our event such a success. Final fundraisers totals will be available this coming week.

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Raccoon or Bear?

Or just a mess to clean up?

Good Saturday morning. Of course my plans didn’t include a garbage cleanup! At least it’s not spread all over the place. Shoes on. Gloves on. And I’ll get it cleaned up. Fred, our cat, is trying to figure it out? Smell, mess, and most importantly, it’s in his place to roll in the dirt.

Enjoy your day.

PS. “Bleep”…..It must have been a bear since they tend to drag the garbage away. Chicken wings. Ick and ugh. All cleaned up.

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Thank You Community for Supporting our Fire Department

Thank you to all who came out Saturday afternoon/evening to support our Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Department’s annual spaghetti dinner put on by the Fire Auxiliary. Thanks to many auxiliary members we were able to serve over 350 meals of pasta (regular or gluten free), yummy pasta sauce (vegetarian or with sausage), garlic bread, parmesan cheese, salad embellished with Garbanzo beans, zucchini, carrots, fresh basil, olives and mega-delicious Cover’s heirloom tomatoes.

Now that it’s all over we have some goodies to offer to you:

  • 1 pint spaghetti sauce (with meat), $5 (will be frozen in secure containers)
  • 1 pint marinara sauce (meatless), $5 (will be frozen in secure containers)
  • loaf of garlic bread, $2.50 (foil wrapped)
  • 2 cups grated parmesan cheese, $3 (frozen in zip lock bags)

I’ll be at the station for a few hours Sunday morning (cell phone: 209-352-1059), like 8-10. By arrangement I can meet you there at other times, including Monday. Please call me, Blythe Klipple, 586-1962, and we can make arrangements for pick up.

Thank you again for your support!

Spaghetti Dinner Chairman
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