3:45 p.m. Water is Back On for Mi Wuk **Heights** Mutual Water Company users

As promised, water went off, although a little earlier than expected, around 10.30 this morning.  Repairs are almost finished — and that means finished enough for all but two homes to be turned back on.  Ed and Ron on Susu Court…..your waters will be turned back on tomorrow.

Lovett Excavating, Inc. from Twain Harte is the contractor doing the repairs and they’ll be with the project from starting this morning to repaving the repair area in the spring when weather is receptive.

I’ll be back in a few hours with some photos of the project.  Because it’s happening on the court right next to our home I stopped in three times for photo ops today.  But I’m tied up for the next bit of time so will be back a.s.a.p.  In the meantime, enjoy your water.  I can finally cook the Creme Brulee-s I made while forgetting I needed water in the baking pan!




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