A Short Day in the Life of ME

Did You Know?  and Thank You Manteca Station #2

Saturday I was on my way to Castro Valley to join my extended family for our Christmas gathering when I heard a ‘chime’ in my car in Manteca, just onto Hwy. 120 off of Hwy. 99S.  After a few minutes I identified the sound as coming from my dashboard control panel: check gauges.  My battery indicator was just short of the red zone.  Exit Hwy 120 at Union.  First left onto Daniel.  Park.  Call AAA, then hubby Russ (who was a home with his son) and finally my brother Bob, my host in Castro Valley.  And he’s a Jeep guru.  Yes, I drive a 2004 Jeep.

My next optional stop (which I didn’t quite get to) was going to be a Starbucks and a restroom.

As I was calling AAA I noticed a Fire Station in my side mirror so figured that once I finished that AAA call I would walk on over there, introduce myself and tell them my plight of needing a restroom.

Manteca Fire Station #2, Union Avenue

Here’s where the ‘did you know?’ comes in.  Did you know that a fire station is a public building and as such they are there to serve the public in many capacities other than rushing off on a medical or fire emergency?  Remember that when you’re away from home and need a quick rest stop.

Chief Bill opened the front door for me, after a visiting fire fighter left his rig (with team still on it) and went around to the back of the station to tell him of my plight!  The firefighter and his team had been at the station to swap out some parts for their rig.  I introduced myself as being from the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District.  He knew where we’re located!

Blythe and Chief Bill

Thank you Chief Bill and AAA driver Jason for allowing me to reach my family event with a smile–even if I was over an hour late.


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