ACRT is Back in the Village

ACRT, subcontractor to PG&E is back in the village, marking dead trees for removal again.  I know homeowners have been frustrated, wondering when they’d be back marking trees.  First it was scheduled for fall, then January/February and now it’s December for sure since they’re in the neighborhood.  There are reported to be 8-10 crews around the Village.

I’m trying to find a ‘top of the ladder’ source to get more solid information.

Also, PG&E has a subcontractor, one crew, in the Village, removing downed logs from properties.  These are from properties that have already contacted PG&E for debris removal.  There are reported to be one or two specialized dump trucks that are hauling designated debris.  Today the crew was working at the intersection of Haiapo and Lama Tamalin.

Caterpiller relocating downed trees, Lama Tamalin/Haiapo roadsPhoto taken Tuesday, 6 December 2016.

Logs brought to roadway for pickup and haulingPhoto taken Tuesday, 6 December 2016.

The number to call for PG&E debris removal is 1-800-PGE-5000.  Click on the prompt for tree mortality.  You will get a recording.  Leave your phone number and someone will call you back within 10 days or less.  Reminder here:  if you have trees on the ground but also have more dead trees that will require falling, wait for those trees to be on the ground.  Each home/property owner is allotted ONE debris removal so my suggestion is to make it worth while.

I’m trying to reach someone with more “precise” information but that isn’t easy!  And it’s not your imagination:  plans and dates do change without warning depending upon many circumstances including weather and manpower.  We have to force ourselves to be patient.

As I come upon more information I will post it here.  I know it’s very frustrating wondering what’s going on but we’re all in this together.




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    1. Blythe

      You’re most welcome Eric. If or when I know something of community value I try my best to share it a.s.a.p. ~Blythe

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