Anatomy of Tree Removal

Now that the weather isn’t so warm in the mornings I’m back to my daily walks.  Yesterday I captured these three interesting tree ‘situations’.

Trimming up the branches
First it was the sunlight on these trees and then it was the reminder of the fact that they’d been trimmed up and just left.  While talking to the crew a few days before the supervisor said that a crane would be coming by (not sure when) to take the trees down, avoiding the power lines.  Along Lama Hisum Road.


Trimming up the branches
Another sun spot.  At quick glance this tree reminded me of (1) a giant totem pole and (2) the tall statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square in London.  This naked tree is also awaiting a crane for safe removal.  I would NOT want to be the climber who removed the branches from this realllllly tall tree.  Along Lama Tamalin Road.


Debris left behind
If you drive along Lama Tamalin Road, near Haiapo Road you’ve seen this example of  debris left behind.  This is one of the first places where trees were downed months ago.  And LEFT.  This is a panorama shot which overly accentuates a curve in the road but I wanted to catch the entire ‘scene’.  It seems there is no one responsible for or interested in removing these logs which are in quite precarious positions.  Since it is the back of the home behind these logs, my plan is find the front of the home and then contact the home owner (we talked about this particular situation at the Fire Board meeting last week) and suggest that they call PG&E and sign the form for debris removal.  This will be dangerous when winter and snow arrive.

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