Bear Sighting Update + Fish & Game Tips

Here is a follow up, with tips, for our east end of Mi Wuk  2-year old bear……

He is most likely, based on photos, a 2-year old who has been kicked out of “the nest/den” to learn how to fend for himself on his own.  Mama Bear is most likely about to go into heat (mid-summer) and she’s sending her youngster o-u-t.

Per Nathan (our local Fish & Game guy), here’s what you can do:  if he/she comes around your house and garbage cans, you can give offer him (let’s just called it a ‘him’) a nice serving of bacon grease or sweet syrup heavily dosed with cayenne pepper.  It will not harm the bear but it will tell him that this is not a good place to forage for food and he will head back into the forest for his food needs.

Nathan’s number should you have questions:  209-588-1780

Fish & Game no longer relocates bears like our guy.  Rather, they euthanize it.  Not a good or fair option for this young bear.  Let’s try the bacon, syrup, cayenne method to disinterest him.




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    Great bear story!

    In our 62 years at Mi Wuk Village we have never seen a bear. So this is an interesting occurrence.

    1. Blythe

      My job is to ensure that your life is more interesting. 🙂 ~Blythe

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    why is it ok to euthanize him, through no fault of his, being born a bear?

    1. Blythe

      Kate, that will not happen unless he becomes a threat to homeowners. Hopefully he’ll just wander back into the forest and make that his happy hunting ground for food etc. Fish & Game thinks he was JUST booted out of the den and doesn’t know where to hunt for his food. Or he’s lazy and wants easy food. If he comes foraging in your area/backyard be sure to offer him a load of cayenne and that will deter him/her. ~Blythe

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    During the 50’s I saw a small black bear in the Palapeta Curve. I am glad to have bears back. I hope everyone will secure their garbage so that we will not have to ask to have him removed. He makes our life interesting. He has been seen in the Palapeta Curve

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    Bear sighting 6/19/17 at residence near Tuyu and Lama Teumete Rd. 11:30 PM getting into my garbage. I’d ratter have the mess outside and not have my garage door torn up. Dogs barking all over the neighbor hood all night. Stayed up to 3:30 AM, maybe it would come and I could get pics. This morning 6/20/17 early we noticed it did come back to finish the hors d’oeuvres. I’ll try the cayenne pepper idea. This may or may not be the same bear. 5/19/17 we believe a bear was into the garbage.

    1. Blythe

      Ben and others in the neighborhood: Please do try the cayenne so the visiting bear/s can understand that your garbage can is not a welcome or tasty spot to come dining. Be generous with the cayenne. And please share any progress reports. Another one of our neighbors (Aselu Court just off of Lama Hisum) saw a bear wandering around this morning but it did no foraging or damage. Could be the heat too??? ~Blythe

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