Board of Supervisors Meeting, March 5th, 9 a.m.


So far there are about 7 community members who will be attending the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting referenced in the original post below.  If you have something to say regarding plowing, your safety, your concerns, your constructive ideas, please join us.  The meeting is held at 2 S. Green Street, 4th Floor, Supervisors Chambers. 


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If you would be interested in attending next week’s Board of Supervisor’s Mtg., March 5th, 9 a.m., to have the opportunity to speak up about your snow plowing (or lack thereof) concerns that we encountered this past month, please send me an email ( with your name and contact info (phone/email).

I just spoke with our supervisor, Anaiah Kirk, and he would welcome our input.  He has some wheels and ideas spinning in his head and our presence would help build a forum for discussion.

Believe me, I am NOT a political activist.  I’m just a concerned Mi Wuk / Sugar Pine resident and I want our plight to be heard at the board meeting.

Each person who wants to speak will be allotted TWO MINUTES.  You can say a lot in two minutes.

I’m putting my name down as attending and speaking.  Let’s make it happen!  I’d love to see 10-15 locals stand up and speak out!

Questions?  Comments?  Either make a comment to this post that can go public (I have to hit an approve button before it’s seen by other readers) or send me an email:

Thanks for being concerned and maybe participating.  Sorry for the short notice but Anaiah suggested that it’s best to get our thoughts out there before the snow disappears.

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