I have a question:  Were any of you wonderful readers been up here in the Mi Wuk Village area long enough ago to know of a butcher shop?  A very close friend of mine is Yugoslavian and is having dinner in the Sacramento are with some new found Yugoslavian acquaintances.  One of them has (had) an aunt and uncle, Nick and Cardina (spelling ?) Tusup who owned a butcher shop here in Mi Wuk.

Where might it have been?  We don’t have a lot of commerce out there on the highway and I can’t imagine where such a shop might have been.

Also, the name Tomasovich.  Chris, Bill or Johnnie?  There was a fourth one mentioned but I didn’t get it written down.  One of my friend’s dining partners said they were instrumental in the founding of Mi Wuk.  Does anyone have any enlightenment on this?

People are interesting and so is our history.  Thanks for any of your thoughts or comments.

Have a safe weekend.

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    Harry Hoffler bought the land for Miwuk village from the Tomasovich family. The mineral rights still belong to Tomasovich heirs. The butcher shop may have been the Market that is now our fire house in Sugar Pine. Interesting point about Sugar Pine development in the 1920s, one of the C -C and Rs was that peoples could not have roosters because most of the cabins were vacation cabins and nobody wanted to get up at 4:30 AM when they were on vacation.

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    I was in 7th Grade when my parents bought the lot from Harry Hoefler in 1957, but I do remember that the Mi-Wuk Market had a butcher shop in it. It was quite a bit different those days from the General Store of today, it was jammed with groceries and dry goods. I truly don’t remember what the current fire house was before it became a hardware store in Sugar Pine. I remember walking with my Dad and Harry up Chief Fuller Road and Harry pointing out where he had planned for the commercial area (stores) to be, and that he was not selling it for cabins to be built. At that time, the only building was the old Post Office across the street from Harry’s Real Estate Office.

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    We enjoyed seeing MiWuk 1955. We purchased our first part time home on Kalanu in 1972, our second 1979 from Ken Gray Realty. We have our primary residence in Alameda, Cal. We raised our two daughter’s between Mi Wuk and here. We took a bit of time off to care for our aging parents and returned in 1997 to Haiapo Road. We now own the cabin that was Harry Hoffler’s, and Joseph and Rita Smith’s. We still have great remorse that the lodge and golf course are no longer in operation. Now, retired and children grown we come frequently to our home in Mi Wuk. We love it just as much as we first did that many years ago. We have had the best of both worlds.
    Thank you for sharing this film with us. Margaret Lomba

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      My wife and I purchased our vacation cabin Dec. 2010. We are at 20654 Haiapo rd. If you ever see us there please stop by and say hello.

      1. Blythe

        I’ll definitely do that Ken. Thanks for the invite. I love meeting more Mi Wuk people and especially blog readers! 🙂 ~Blythe

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    My parents bought a cabin in Mi Wuk in the early 60’s. My sister and I were friends with a boy who lived in Mi Wuk whose parents owned a butcher shop in Twain Harte. The last name (Tusup) sounds familiar. Maybe the butcher shop was in Mi Wuk and then moved to Twain Harte? I think the butcher shop eventually became part of the Twain Harte Market (at different location than it is now).

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