If you received your Smoke Signals* in the mail today, yesterday or tomorrow, you might have noticed a Mi Wuk Blog article.  Well, oooops, my email address is incorrect.  It should be

You can capitalize or not–it makes no difference.  But no ‘k’ at all will make a big difference!

I really do look forward to your bits of information, articles, photos and/or ???  Please don’t be shy.  I will give you credit for the article/thoughts or not depending upon your permission.  That’s all it takes.  Don’t be shy!  Let us know you’re out there.

*Smoke Signals is the Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Association’s quarterly newsletter.  It brings each member community news as well as other news from various sources.  It also hopes to inform (along with our blog) those members who aren’t permanent residents of important issues being considered by our County Supervisors and local events.   How can you be sure to get a copy of the Smoke Signals?  Become a member ($30/annually) of MAHA, the community homeowners association.  They don’t tell you what color to paint your house but they might tell you who is thinking about robbing (not that bad really) your house!

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