Car Trouble Just Brings Everything to a Halt

Have you ever noticed how car trouble just brings everything to a screeching halt?  I attended a brunch/lunch today at Black Oak Casino.  My next intention was to hop on the road to get a haircut in Pleasanton (yes that’s right).  Well, I’m still in the parking lot where I parked my car at 10.30 this morning…….waiting for a tow truck.  Apparently that’s along with all those others who did NOT get a tow over Labor Day weekend.

Yes, I’ve tried lots of tricks to undo a lockout failure.  It seems my key is not recognized by my transmission.  Ugh.

But I’ve spoken to lots of nice and thoughtful people.  After instructions from Hal at Auto Tech, I was removing and replacing some fuses in the ‘sims’ (?) box.   Two casino employees asked if I needed help.  I let one, Chris, help me pull out a stubborn fuel line fuse (with instructions from Hal).  Then Chris went on his way only to return a few minutes later to offer me a bottle of color water.  So sweet.

Car Trouble Just Brings Everything to a Halt
I never knew where the fuse box was before!!!


Notification at 4:52:  AAA is on it’s way.  5:34 eta.  They told me 2.5 to 3.5 hours around 1:30 so this is right on schedule.  Everyone has been as helpful as possible and this is a great text.  6:00: my baby Pahoihoi is a Auto Tech on Camage Road and hubby and I are home eating Mike’s pizzas.  What a long afternoon.

Car Trouble Just Brings Everything to a Halt
Thank you Vic’s towing.

Even though this wasn’t my idea of fun, I do love living up here in our beautiful mountains.

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