Children's Corner at the Mi Wuk Library

Mi Wuk Village resident Joannie Dahlgren has been a busy volunteer at the Mi Wuk Library.  Here’s a review from Joannie:

The Summer Program at The Mi Wuk Village Community Center and Lending Library

I’ve been volunteering at the Library for a year and in that time I’ve using my experience as an elementary school librarian to develop the beginnings of a Children’s Program.  I laid out a plan, worked on the housekeeping issues, and launched a program.
It was easy to see that there was a need for new reading material in the children’s section. Part of that process is to carefully weed books for sale and donations to other programs. That task underway, I worked from my home to research new titles to add to the existing collection. My selections were based on the recommendations of the American Library Association, lists of Newberry and Caldecott medal winners and subjects requested by patrons. Finally, I did some comparison shopping to find the best prices and submitted my final list for purchase.
While working to weed the collection, I began to organize the children’s section. The original team of volunteers had organized the library in the manner of a bookstore. I decided that using genre stickers to label books was the most child friendly way to work with their system. Consequently, the children’s books are labeled as Easy, Juvenile and Young Adult. Secondary subjects are being added.
Upon completion of the housekeeping duties I began working on a reading program. After a few phone calls, I decided that supporting local school usage of the Accelerated Reader program would work.  As part of the ongoing process of adding titles into the circulation program, I used designations obtained from an Illinois book bindery, and marked books and data records with Accelerated Reader reading levels. A reading incentive program would be a great compliment to that.
My final task was to create a summer Story Time program. All other library tasks aside, this is truly my favorite part of library work. Selecting stories with relevance, choosing crafts and materials, these are a few of my favorite things. I advertised in several free publications and a social media outlet and I put up posters to get the word out. I used story sequencing to create a three dimensional experience for children. Their crafts for titles such as Bats in the Library by Brian Lies and Curious George Goes to the Beach, by H. A. Rey are displayed in the Children’s Section of the library.
The fifth law of library science is that the library is a growing organism. It requires many hands and open hearts to thrive.
The talented volunteer staff at the library has been incredibly helpful with the children’s program.   Thank you Connie Wilson, for supporting and trusting me and my ideas, however foreign they may have been to you.  Thank you to Scott Giannini for always helping with pesky computer glitches. Bravo to Mike Lamansy, for adjusting the circulation software to compliment my projects. And a big thanks to Chuck Wagner, who I could always count on to be there.

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    Hi Mi Wuk Library! This is Natalia; I loved your library and would drive down from Long Barn to check out novels and DVDs. Thank you for being a port in a storm! My winter up there was brightened by all your smiles and good cheer.

    I’m working full time in Henderson, Nevada and loving it. I’m an English middle school teacher at a private school–the best one in Las Vegas! I love my students. I miss Long Barn, Mi Wuk, Twain Harte, and Sonora like crazy!

    Please take care, and I will see you again,
    Natalia Miles

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