Community Question Regarding February Snowplowing


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Original post:

The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Would you be interested in attending a Board of Supervisors meeting if we got a slot on the agenda to discuss the snow plowing we’ve experienced this last month?

  • no plowing at all
  • shoddy plowing
  • detailing after coming through the village with single lane plowing trying to make the road two lanes again
  • more plows/drivers
  • other???

If there is community interest, the ‘royal WE’ would call our District 3 Supervisor Anaiah Kirk and ask him to secure a spot on the agenda (usually 11: a.m.-ish) for a spokesperson — and entourage — to address  the board regarding the importance of the safety of inhabitants whether they need to get to work or appointments or are just coming up to ‘enjoy the snow’ and their cabins.  As you know, there were some days (plural) when we could not get out of the village due to the excess snowfalls.

Please leave a comment to this post regarding your interest in following up on this idea.

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