Completion of the New Steel Bolted Water Storage Tank

The following announcement was sent out via email to the property owners of the Mi-Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company yesterday:


“The Mi-Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company is excited to announce the completion of the new steel bolted water storage tank that replaced the old redwood water storage tank.  In order to bring the new tank online, the water district must disinfect the new tank with chlorine and test the water.  This will mean that shareholders may smell or taste some chlorine in their water until the chlorine works through the system and dissipates.

“The chlorination process will begin this weekend (July 21-22, 2018) with the new tank going into service next week.  If you are bothered by chlorine, we suggest that you use a carbon water filter for your drinking water until the chlorine works through the system.  The water is safe to drink even with the added chlorine.  Many of you may not even notice any difference in your water.  The amount of chlorine in the water will be within the safe drinking water standards set by regulators.  It may take up to a couple of weeks for the chlorine to work itself out of our water system.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  Thanks for your understanding while bringing the new water storage tank online.”

Gregory J. Oliver, Secretary/Treasurer
Mi-Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company
P.O. Box 384
Mi Wuk Village, CA  95346


Our amazing very hard working crew:

David, Larry, Matt (foreman), Alex: all from the Santa Rosa area
From Blythe:  More final phase photos coming in one or two separate emails.  I’m out of town today (Saturday 21 July) and will take final photos on Sunday.
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