Defensible Space Inspections for 2018

Bluntly stated, the plan for defensible space property inspections has changed this year.  The team of local VIPs (Volunteers in Prevention), David, Joe and Blythe and occasionally a few others, has been unceremoniously replaced this year by computer carrying CalFire employees, either on foot or driving by in CalFire vehicles “inspecting” your properties.

Normally inspections begin in late May or early June.  This year they began about 10 days ago.  Without announcement.

The local VIP team has had several meetings with CalFire representatives whereby we were assured that we would be working together with the CalFire employees since we have a real ownership in the relationship we’ve built over the past four years with our Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine residents/neighbors.  Instead, in the last two weeks we’ve seen CalFire personnel walking the roads and doing the inspections.  That was our clue that we wouldn’t be working together.  As teams.

Homeowners will be receiving their normal pink sheets by mail, telling them the status of their property.  If you have any questions your direction is to call CalFire, not the local Mi Wuk Sugar Pine fire department ‘hot line’.  You are asked by Chief Crabtree to lease direct ALL questions regarding these inspections to CAL FIRE, San Andreas Headquarters, at 209-754-3831.

To say that our local team of ‘inspectors’ is disappointed is an understatement.  We have enjoyed meeting, speaking with and getting to know our neighbors on a one-to-one basis.  We have developed a strong relationship with local residents and have tried to keep you as informed as possible regarding the annual defensible space inspections and expectations.  Perhaps we were doing too good of a job???



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    Thank you Blythe for all you do.
    We were surprised to receive a notification so early from CalFire, with a reinspection tomorrow! Because of weather concerns and post op medical appointments for knee replacement surgery, we just haven’t been able to do this yet. Last year we did it early and it grew back and we had to do it again! We held off so we only have to do it once. We aren’t as young as we used to be!
    If I don’t have to report for jury duty tomorrow, we will be up to at least assess the property and see what needs to be done.
    You all did a great job!

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