Defensible Space Inspections Have Begun

Post is now un-sticky which means it will revert to normal date sequence.  AND, inspections are on hold until June 20th.

Note to this post, added 6-9-17:

Defensible Space Inspections have been suspended until June 20th.


This post will remain on the front page for the foreseeable future while property inspections are ongoing.


Defensible Space Inspections began on Wednesday, May 10th.  The first inspections will be around the perimeters of the community.  Today, Friday, and for a few more days, the inspections will focus on Lama Rd, Lama Tamalin, Lama Hisum and Lama Teumete.

Inspectors will be going out usually between 9 a.m. – noon-ish, Tuesday day through Saturday.

It’s known that many properties are covered with logs, branches and debris from the tree falling.  You do NOT have to remove the logs or branch piles.  But inspectors/Cal Fire will require that you clear as close as possible to the logs and branch piles, down to bare earth.  This eliminates the opportunity for sparks/embers to ignite debris which could then start a fire in the branches or even the logs.

The bark debris will be (as far as I am told currently) the responsibility of the home owner.  PG&E crews (subcontractors) will remove the logs and branches.  In due time!  From what I understand you do need to have that “Right of Entry” signed for these crews to come onto your property.

Call 1-800-743-5000, press 4 for Customer Service and state “I am calling about tree-trimming.”  Once you have a representative on the line, the property owner will need to say “I would like to open a case with Vegetation Management.”  The representative will then take their name and number and open a case.  According to PG&E, a representative with the Vegetation Management department will get back to the homeowner within 7 days.

The property owner can also go to their local PG&E office for assistance.

According to PG&E, they do not have a local number for Vegetation Management and this is the only procedure that is currently in place.

Back to property inspections — here’s primarily what the team will be looking for:

  • pine needles on roof, in gutters, on deck
  • pine needles and other debris on property
  • 10′ clearance (around and above) around propane tank
  • branches over hanging the roof, alive or especially dead.
  • branches within 10′ of chimney
  • screen around active wood burning chimney
  • limbing up of trees: 6′ from ground on taller trees; 1/3 of height on smaller trees
  • weeds above 4″ in height
  • bushes, weeds adjacent structures – must be removed or trimmed.
  • debris under deck
  • uncovered wood piles
  • address numbers in contrast to home and easily visible from the street by emergency vehicles.  Preferable would be the white numbers on green background — reflective — posted near the driveway/street and visible from both directions.  These numbers can save you in the event of a medical emergency or a fire.  Think about it!!!

Yellow copies of the inspection of your property will be mailed to the property owner on record by Cal Fire.

Questions?  Please ask.  I’ll look for the answers.  Never a dull moment up here!





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  1. Avatar

    I cut my logs into manageable rounds so I could access my property. Now that I’ve done that PGE says they will not remove the wood as it is less than 6 feet in length. Very dissapointing.

  2. Avatar

    Hello, I’am home owner on Slide Inn St in Slide Inn or Long Barn all home owners on Slide Inn St are working together with clean up and we are going to take care of the wood from the cut down trees. We are still working on this. I don’the use my fire place. I believe only one home owner uses his fireplace.

    1. Blythe

      Hi Karen, the ‘inspectors’ who are out checking properties that I was talking about are only check Mi Wuk Village and Sugar Pine properties. I don’t know who will be doing inspections in Long Barn. ~Blythe

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