Donnell Fire Update, August 11, 2018, 7 a.m.

The only changes additions from last night’s post are as follows:

CURRENT SITUATION: Structural protection remains a priority for fire fighters along the Highway 108 corridor and 5N01 (Eagle Meadow Road). Newly arrived crews are focusing on suppression along the northeast and northwest sides of the fire in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. Lifting of the inversion layer will allow air support to fly throughout the day supporting engines and hand crews on the ground. A red flag warning remains in effect.  Higher winds and lower relative humidity could increase fire activity today which may lead to additional smoke impacting surrounding communities.

Percent contained:  14%
ACRES: 26,814

Many thanks to Dodge Ridge for opening up their facility as a command center for the Donnell Fire.

Incident Command spokesperson Maria Benech stated, “We’re excited to have more crews on and very excited that the containment percentage is up to 14-percent. A lot of that is along north Clark Fork Road where they got that buttoned up. So that’s exciting to see for us.”

“Structural protection remains a priority for fire fighters along the Highway 108 corridor and 5N01/Eagle Meadow Road. Benech notes one area of concern, “The flames are about a mile or less from Kennedy Meadows. There is protection around that area, which is certainly a structure that we are going to work very hard to protect. They’re taking steps right now to make sure that everything is treated that can be treated so when and if the fire gets to that location the structure is safe.”

Firefighters applying retardant to aid in fire suppression

Helicopters are able to refuel quickly thanks to a retardant mixing and distribution station set up at the Leland High Sierra Snowplay park.

For more information and some history on the fighting of the Donnell Fire, click on this link for a post written by Guy McCarthy, Union Democrat.


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