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Chief Larry Crabtree just sent me this video from PG&E’s CURRENTS: NEWS and PERSPECTIVES FROM PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY.

Click here to be taken to the video.  Be sure to read the accompanying article as well.  Information is power and offers a bit of reassurance during this tough time for all of us.

Hauling tree sections from Twain Harte and surrounding areas
Hauling tree sections from Twain Harte and surrounding areas

The following is from the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District’s website:

After Dead Trees Come Down, PG&E Starts Hauling Them Away

TWAIN HARTE — Nestled in the central Sierra Nevada, this town of 2,200 boasts it has more trees than people. But now, after years of drought and bark beetle damage, many trees in Tuolumne and other nearby counties are dead or dying.

The U.S. Forest Service says 26 million trees have died in California since October 2015, bringing the total to 66 million since 2010. All the dead trees are fuel for wildfire.

End of comments from the MWSPFPD website.


The video is quite good and explains the tree mortality issue and how it’s being handled by PG&E.  It also shows that they are learning about how to deal with the situation on a daily basis.

There’s definitely a lot going on in Mi Wuk Village and Sugar Pine as well as Twain Harte it seems.

If you have dead trees on your property and don’t know yet if they’re going to be removed by PG&E, be sure to call this number.  1-800-743-5000   You may have to leave a message but…….they WILL CALL YOU BACK.  You are interesting in the Expanded Debris Program.  This is a one time offer per residence.

Just so you know, the second round of patrols (marking trees for removal) will not begin until January/February.  Crews are still working on the removal of trees that were marked in June/July and the patrols that are marking the next rounds of trees for removal are trying to stay out of the way of these crews.  Also, this will allow time for more trees to present themselves as dead or dying.

As they said in the video (above), everyone is learning on an almost daily basis how to better handle and provide the most help possible to homeowners.  No one expected a tree mortality issue and when it presented itself, definitely not of the magnitude that we’re all dealing with.

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    ACRT people has told property owners marking of trees again would be in October & November. sad to hear of delay

    1. Blythe

      Arlen, because of more trees to remove than expected, and the fact that ACRT doesn’t want to get in the way of the tree removal and clean-up crews, ACRT made the determination that they would wait until January/February to mark the next round of trees to be removed. Also, more trees will show up as dead or dying by the time the ACRT people are able to start their review. This is a part of the LEARNING PROCESS that PG&E is referring to in the video. And remember, we are a pilot program! Some of their original hopeful scheduling turns out to have been too ambitious. Tree removal teams will be in Mi Wuk Village all winter weather and safety permitting.

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    Ya did it again Chief…..great video, lots of info. Thanks

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