Evan Royce, Property Inspections and Downed Trees on your Property

AMENDMENT to yesterday’s (14th) post:  Property inspections are scheduled to start nearer to the 24th of May now.

I received a question from a resident about any help for Mi Wuk home owners regarding downed tree removal.  Below is the answer I sent her.  I’m copy/pasting it since I’m sure she isn’t the only one wondering about the dropped tree phenomenon.

“The meeting [Saturday’s meeting at the fire station] was good today, some stuff that we already knew and some bits that were new.  I’ll be adding them to the blog in the next day or so.  It’ll be info like what the inspectors will be looking for when they come around your neighborhood, etc.

“To answer your question, yes there will be help for home owners regarding downed tree removal.  It will come in waves and not immediately.

“1-  PG&E currently has third party crews coming through and marking trees.  If you have trees on your property that have NOT been marked but you think should be, call PG&E.  <<This refers only to trees that have the potential of falling on power lines.  Then tree cutting will once again begin.  These crews will cut only and leave the downed trees on your property.  You will NOT be cited by the VIP inspectors although the downed trees will probably be noted on the inspection form.

“2- If you have dead trees on your property that don’t qualify for PG&E’s removal plan, but may fall on a COUNTY structure, road, water tank etc, the County will come in and remove those trees.  They will require you to sign a form though that gives them the right to the downed wood that they will be removing.

“3- Then CalFire will come in with their Conservation Crews and remove the downed logs.  They’ll be taken to a co-generation plant in the area.

“Cal Fire is being requested to release some of the $30 million in SRA fees to help homeowners.

“Finally, Chief Crabtree is writing a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to release some state Sequestered Funds for private citizen’s relief due to dead trees.

“This won’t be an instant process but it will happen—help is out there.  For fire safety, all agencies want these logs gone as much as home owners do.

“In reference to Leisure Pines, all went well and yes, Mi Wuk is next.

“By the way, inspections will hopefully start May 24th.”

NEW BUSINESS:  Be sure to click on the calendar image in the right sidebar for monthly events.

18th – 2-4 p.m.  Evan Royce, our District 3 Supervisor, will be holding a Town Meeting at the Community Center/Library.  Third Wednesday of the month.  Come on out and ask your questions or hear his remarks.  He does have the latest info on tree removal plans.

19th – 1-3 p.m.  Stampin’ for Adults at the Mi Wuk Library.  Blythe Klipple leads whoever’s there in create two lovely hand stamped greeting cards.  No skill or reservations required.  Just a smile.  Fee: $3.   ($1 goes to High Country Friends of the Library, $2 goes to Blythe for supplies.)

24th.  Defensible Space Inspections begin.

27th – 28th – All day.  Annual Fire Auxiliary Rummage Sale.  This is another fundraiser for our great fire department.  You can drop your rummage off at the fire station on the 26th and 27th, all day.

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