Farewell to the 60+ Year Old Redwood Tank

Addendum, 6:30 p.m., Friday, June 8th:

In response to Dave’s comment:  The tank was carefully demolished for FREE by a local contractor and the planks were salvaged and sold for re-use.  That’s how the contractor earned his wages.  Very few bits and pieces were discarded.  I’ll add more details about the demo in another post when the job is completed and I know more.

The tank was no longer operable and was leaking too much water on a daily basis.  That clinched the decision to go forward with the demolition and ordering of a new steel tank.  The process has been in the plans for several years and funds have been set aside for several years by the water company to purchase and build a new tank that will be placed on the existing pad.

In response to Michelle’s (aka Micki) comment:  The reason I took so many photos was to preserve the memories of the old, but no-longer-functional 60+ year old tank.   It was definitely sad to see it go but it was going to become a danger if it’s condition wasn’t addressed.


Empty and dry redwood tank, first tank for Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District.

Most of you don’t see the three water tanks that serve the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District since they really aren’t near a roadway.  But–they do happen to be right behind our home on Lama Hisum Road.

Today I’d like to share photos from the removal of the old redwood tank which was installed in the early 1960s.  (The Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District was formed in 1959.)

Preparing to remove roof
Inside the empty tank
Starting to remove the roof–as seen from the inside obviously.

Check out a video of the tank coming d-o-w-n here.  (I couldn’t get it to load on this page.–Technology and I don’t always get along.)

Tank is all gone
Boards showing the inside of the tank.

Friday afternoon (June 8th):

The replacement metal tank will be delivered in a few weeks and will be installed on the same footprint/cement pad.

If you’re wondering about the water that was in the tank…….the bulk was transferred to the adjacent metal tanks.  The last four feet or so we used for water needs in the district a few weekends ago and the last two inches were drained, with the help of gravity, via fire hoses to the street.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to find the answers.

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