February 2021 Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Auxiliary Plans

February 2021 Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Auxiliary Plans
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Dear MWSPFPD Auxiliary Member(s),
Hoping everyone is well, safe, sane and warm.
Following is a list of reminders for the upcoming month of February.
*  The February 3 Potluck is CANCELLED.
*  Tuesday, February 9, 7:00 p.m. , Firehouse:  FIRE BOARD MEETING.  Paula Massman will host the dessert.  (Thank you, Paula!)
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.
Check your e-mail in early February for Chief Klyn’s notes on topics for discussion at the February 9, 7:00 p.m. meeting.
*  The February 10 Auxiliary Luncheon and Meeting is CANCELLED.
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Sign ups are needed for the Fire Board dessert for this year.
January 12:  Sherry Blake
February 9:  Paula Massman
March 9:
April 13:  
May 11:
June 8:  
July 13:
August 10:
September 14:   Paula Massman
October 12:
November 9:
December 14:
Please let Sherry know when you would be available to provide dessert by e-mailing her at sherry.blake@yahoo.com or by calling her at
510 861-3954. 
Thank you in advance for providing a dessert for one of our Fire Board Meetings.
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As always, thank you for your participation and support.
Priscilla Baxter, Sue Bauer and Nickie Doss
    Phone/E-mail Committee Volunteers
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I hope this finds you all well and safe after our damaging wind storm last week.
Our fire district had over 50 calls in one day alone during the worst of the winds.  Needless to say, they were exhausted but met the challenge.
If you have a need that our board can meet, please let us know by calling me at 510 861-3954.
All activities including fundraisers are on hold for this year until we receive clearance to begin meeting again.
Thanks to the generous support of many of you we were able to reach $17,500. of our $20,000. goal in 2020 to support our fire district.  AMAZING!!!
Hoping to see you all really soon!
Note from Blythe:  All the best to OUR Mi Wuk / Sugar Pine and environs friends.  It’s cold and windy here in Boise as well as in your part of the Sierra but we aren’t getting your type of snow.  Oh darn!  Take care and be safe.
Blythe & Russ Klipple 12/31/20
National Forest closures
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