Fire Chief Klyn's Notes for December 2020

Fire Chief Klyn's Notes for December 2020

Happy New Year 2021


  1. The Santa Motorcade was a huge success. Santa rode in the back of Chief’s truck and was able to yell and wave holiday joy to all who came out to the streets to see him. No stops were made this year for up close conversation with Santa, but this was our biggest turnout yet with all the folks who came to wave and say hello. Big thanks to Santa for being Santa, and Engineer Swanson for putting the event together this year. 
  2. The fire station had all air ducts in the station professionally cleaned for the first time. They even removed the dead mouse from our ducts.  
  3. Thank you everyone who donated delicious sweets to the fire station. The extra “insulation” we pack on helps keep us warm through the cold season 😊 
  4. Incident breakdown for December: 
    1. 40 incidents:
    2. 18 in District 
    3. 22 out of District
    4. 20 EMS (Emergency Medical Service)
    5. 00 MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident)
    6. 05 Fires
    7. 15 PSA (Public Service Assist)
  5. Incident breakdown for 2020:                                                                                                                        
    1. 475 incidents-
    2. 154 in District
    3. 321 out of District


If you have questions, please ask them here (comments) and I’ll forward them to the station to get them answered.  We have a great fire department from fire fighters to chief to Bonnie, our secretary who keeps it all together.  They’re there for YOU, the homeowners and local residents.

From the snowy outskirts of Boise, Idaho I still remain your loyal ‘servant’.  I/we love my/our Mi Wuk Village itself as well as the friends we left behind.  Hopefully, come summer, we’ll make an appearance.

Mailbox box in Avimor
Our mailbox is about 2 blocks from our house….right where those three cars are parked.  I walk.  I still can’t get used to seeing so much sky!


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