Friday, February 15th.......Mi Wuk Roads

Although I have not been out today, I understand from my neighbor, Gregory Oliver, that the roads have not been plowed.  Also there is black ice beneath the 8-12 inches of snow that fell overnight.

Gregory was stuck at Lama / Muheli starting around 7:30 this morning.  AAA would not come in to help until the roads are plowed.  He saw at least 4 stranded vehicles while getting to the point where he got stuck.  Neighbors came to his aid with a quad and plow, created a six foot path in the front and rear of his car, installed some cable chains and he carefully made his way home along Lama Tamalin and Lama Hisum two hours later.  Normally he runs, as a volunteer, the free legal clinic at Interfaith Community Services on Friday mornings but he couldn’t safely get there today.

A spokesperson at the county roads office said the plan is for plow crews to get into Mi Wuk by the end of the day today.  County plowing service on the weekend plus the holiday-Monday are questionable and could be non-existent due to paying for overtime.  There is a new person in charge of the plow-assignments this year and it’s seeming as if we’ve fallen off of the consideration lists.

There are many people in our community who are unable to get to work when this much snow falls.  In past years, a pickup truck with a blade would clear a single lane in the mornings so people could get to work.  And then the truck would return in the late afternoon, clearing that same single path, so people could get home after work.  I don’t mean to sound harsh or to editorialize but something seems to have changed.

Do you think the roads have been plowed as well as they have in past years?  If not, please call our District 3 Supervisor, Aniah Kirk, at 533-5521, and express your concerns.

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Good luck.  Be safe.  Be prepared.  Be aware.

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