Friday = Snow Day

Holy Moly!  We woke up to 8″ – 10″ of fresh snow this morning and another 10″- 14″ (more or less) is promised for today.

9" overnight snow

7:30 a.m.:  I understand the large grader has come down Sierra Park Drive and Lama Rd.


weather 3-16-18


If you’re coming up for the weekend, be sure to have provisions in your car and for your kitchen:  milk, eggs, bread, etc.  Blankets, flashlight, snacks etc for the car.  Be prepared.

The taller trees are definitely dancing in the wind.

Remember:  when I don’t post the current weather but you want to know what it is, and what’s coming, just click on that weather map in the sidebar.  It’s always current.

One more thing:  tree bombs.  The wind is blowing.  The trees are full of snow.  We just had a “trees avalanche” (m new word) obliterate the view in each direction.  Seen as I sit at my computer in the comfort of our great room.  Inside.



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