Friday the 13th Water Tank Progress

It’s so interesting to watch a 200,000 water gallon grow from the ground up.  Literally.  The first  round of tank walls were not actually the base of the tank.  They are the top.  Then the roof was put on.  Then the tank was fitted with hydraulic jacks, seven of them, that lifted the walls a few inches from the ground.  Yesterday it was lifted about six feet from the ground and the next level was added.  Mind you, the crew of five has been working in the middle of an easement for the Mi Wuk Heights Water District in pretty much full sun on these very hot days.

They start work around 7 a.m. while the air is still cool and work until some time between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.  We’ve been lucky enough to get rather acquainted with them since they use our ‘facilities’ and power.

Our neighbor took this photo around 2:15 p.m. yesterday, Friday the Thirteenth.  It was a blessedly overcast and relatively ‘cool’ day……still dripping hot.

Thursday progress:

Sky Trak is lifting a roof panel for placement on the tank.
Lucas grabbing and guiding the roof panel. Notice that the panel already has half of its bolts set into position.


Friday’s progress:

Roof panels being moved from there to here via the Sky Trak heavy duty fork lift.


Securing the position of the roof panel.


I’m peeking through a little 6″ ‘porthole’ to the inside the tank looking up at the roof beams, half covered by solid panels.  Say ‘hi’ to Larry.


Center ‘dome’ of the roof. It sort of looks like a skylight.


Another look at the inside of the tank in the late afternoon.
Friday’s final accomplishment: second layer completed except for the panel which is resting on the fork lift.

It’s 7:15 as I’m writing this morning, the 14th, and the crew has just started work.  There’s nothing like the sound of an electric drill with a torque setting (a bolt runner) at 7:15 in the  formerly quiet air.  In a few more days the tank will be completed and all will return to quiet.  It’s totally worth the experience and then the final result.

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