From the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Auxiliary

From the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Auxiliary
Dear MWSPFPD Auxiliary Member(s),

Please be advised of the following:

*  Sadly, there will NOT be a Thanksgiving Potluck this year.

*  Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 7:00 p.m., Firehouse: FIRE BOARD MEETING.  Laurie Wallace will host the dessert.  (Thank   you, Laurie!)

*  The November Auxiliary Luncheon and Meeting is CANCELLED.

*  The December 9 Holiday Luncheon has been CANCELLED.

*  Don't forget to send in your membership renewal and raffle ticket money if not already done.  THANK YOU to all who 
   have joined once again!  THANK YOU and WELCOME to new members!  WE SO APPRECIATE everyone's support!

*  Raffle ticket money needs to be received by NOVEMBER 30 to have your ticket included in the drawing for $100.00, 
   $200.00 or $300.00!  The drawing will take place at the December 8, 2020 Fire Board Meeting.  Good luck to all!

*  NOW FOR SOME GREAT NEWS!  We are over half way to our goal of raising $20,000. to cover the money we usually raise 
   each year through our various fundraisers!  THANK YOU ALL who have supported our efforts!  If you haven't done so
   already, please register on Amazon Smiles.  Our fire department will receive a 5% donation (AT NO COST TO YOU) for
   each eligible purchase!  It all adds up!

Until next month...Stay safe and well.  Remember kindness.  Relish in the joys we have.

On behalf of our MWSPFPD Auxiliary, thank you for your support!

From Blythe:  Hi Friends and Neighbors.  It's so strange STILL not to be in Mi Wuk, 
experiencing all this strange lack of normal community activities.  We definitely miss our potlucks and bingo at the fire station!  I wish for all that you are safe and WISE in your decisions and socializing behaviors.  Idaho (Boise area) is much more lax than California 
but we are still very cautious and pretty isolated in our little community of Avimor.  It's actually quite a lot like Mi Wuk Village.  We have to drive down a windy canyon (our hwy 55 
is your hwy 108) and then about five miles more to get to any sort of shopping.  HOWEVER, 
we do have our own gas station and great hand crafted brewery/restaurant than finally 
opened a few months ago.  Maybe it would be a bit analogous to Zak's and Diamond Jim's or 

Three cheers to our fire fighters and their parts in helping fight the raging California 

Love and hugs to all you full and part timers and happy Halloween.  Don't forget to FALL 
BACK over the weekend.

And one more thing:  I apologize for this font but I copy/pasted the Auxiliary news blurb
and I'm not savvy enough with html to change the font! Just enjoy and smile.

blythe fall signature
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