Fuel Reduction Project is Well Underway in Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine

Hope’s Tree Service is doing a dynamite job of working their way through the perimeter of our communities.  There were a few partial down days due to inclimate weather but wow, they sure are moving right along.  They started on Pine Lake Drive in Sugar Pine on March 7th, had some good days and down days and today, March 16th they’re on Lama Hisum on the east end of Miwuk.

The crew happened to start this morning just around the bend from our home and I got some good photos so you can see our grant dollars at work.  From what Russ (hubby) said they got to Lama Tamalin this afternoon, beyond Nuka Trail but before Haiapo Rd.

Project Map, Sugar Pine Mi Wuk road clearance
2016 Fuel Reduction Project Map, Sugar Pine Mi Wuk.  I’m thinking the crew got to the upper right corner just beyond where the gold and purple lines meet.  Red line indicates phase one completion areas.
Hope's Tree Service signage & caution cones
Hope’s Tree Service signage & caution cones
Supervisor's vehicle and chipper truck (background)
Supervisor’s vehicle and chipper truck (background).  Lama Hisum Rd.
Looking through morning sunlight to chipper
Looking through morning sunlight at the chipper
Chipper in action
Chipper in action

The site Supervisor, Diane, is always on site and available to answer homeowner’s questions and address their concerns.

You can ask questions here on the blog and I’ll relay them to her as well.

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