Garbage / Recycle Can Pickup.....What's Your Status?

For most of us in Mi Wuk, once again (3rd Monday in a row) Mother Nature snowed on us Sunday night, leaving the roads too icy for Waste Management to safely stop at stop signs and then get into the village to pick up our garbage.  So our next pick up will be NEXT WEEK ON OUR NORMAL PICKUP DATE.  That goes for RECYCLE as well.

Full garbage cans Monday afternoon

I just spoke to Sandy at Waste Management in Sonora and got some good information from her.

  1. Call them.  209-532-1413  And give them a chance to give you some options.
  2. Here are some of the solutions/options:
    1. Stop by the WM business office, 14959 Camage Avenue, after calling, pick up a coupon, and take your garbage to a designed site (she’ll tell you where).
    2. Bag your garbage from this coming week and place it on top of your can next Monday.  Consider waiting until the morning of pickup to put those bags out if you have dogs, raccoons, pests in the neighborhood.  Same for recycle.  Bag or bundle it so that it is contained and manageable.  The driver will dump your can (mechanically) and then have to get out of the truck, reload your can with either the garbage or the recycle, and then mechanically dump it into the truck.  (So much for automation huh???)
    3. You can also put your garbage into an old can and place it next to your cans, being sure to space them the requested 3 feet from each other.
    4. If you are so inclined you can load up the garbage/recycle of several of your neighbors, stop by Waste Management on Camage Rd. in Sonora, give them the addresses of the house’s whose garbage you’ve collected and you will get coupons for dropping it off as well as credit on your account.

Our next garbage pickup will be March 13th.  Recycle pickup will be March 20th.

Once more:  CALL Waste Management for a solution for your individual situation.  They’ll work with you as best they can.  209-532-1413.






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  1. Avatar

    Once again. News you can use .way to go. AR

    1. Blythe

      Thanks so much Arlen. I figured I wasn’t the only one who wanted those answers.

    1. Blythe

      It’s not really the best answer or solution but…’s THE answer so what else can ya do???

  2. Avatar

    Garage truck came Monday down Golf Links Drive and picked up our trash after the tree cutters moved the road close sign for him. The manager talked to the supervisor of the tree cutters before hand. The driver drove as far as the giant crane. Then the worker brought our neighbors’ cans to the truck behind the crane so they could be dumped.

    1. Blythe

      That’s a great story Dave! Cooperation between companies in times of ‘the un-normal’.

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