Great Plowing in Mi Wuk by the County Roads Crews!

Great Plowing in Mi Wuk by the County Roads Crews!

I haven’t taken photos yet but……….the County Roads Crews have been doing a fabulous job of getting our roads down to the blacktop with the snow off the edges of the roadways.  Barring the next snowfall, there’s room for your garbage cans on the side of the street, in the dirt area.  Of course, that depends upon where your cans usually await the WM truck on Mondays.

My reference above is to the Lama Loop and adjacent courts.  Please let us know about the plowing where you live in the Mi Wuk/Sugar Pine areas.  And if they’ve done as good a job in your area as what I’m seeing around ours, we need to give the new County Roads head man and his crews a “hooray, atta ‘boy’ , job well done” shout out.

A few days ago I spoke with Mike when asking questions about what we could expect up here when the snow arrived. I’m going to assume that it’s Mike Cognetti, Road Superintendent.  If you’re happy with the job the crews did on Thanksgiving DAY, please send him a positive email at .  We can complain and moan and likewise we can praise. Let’s surprise him!

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