Happy 2019 Neighbors & Friends

During the past few days I came upon this great bit of creative news, from my daghter-in-law, and just had to share it with you all.

The photo shows another beautiful, great and useful idea for something to do with your LARGE tree stumps:

No, we’re not looking at the charming house and lovely snow scene.  We’re checking out the charming Little Free Library/little lending library!  It’s complete with lighting, shelves and a door.  I think it’s on the east coast somewhere.

If you have a huge tree that has died or been topped for safety reasons, check it out and see if you can carve out a little nook for housing books for lending.  I agree that this tree was obviously quite massive in its heyday.

Russ and I came upon another Little Free Library, to encourage reading and exchange of books when we were in Cabbage Town, in Atlanta GA last year:


Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


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