Have You Noticed Any Blog Changes?

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  We do have a new MiWukAreaNews.com blog format.  There are lots of changes that are obvious, more that are to come and many subtle ones in the background.  There are many corrections and tweaks yet to be made.  We are aware of many of these necessary tweaks.

Who is WE?  WE is mostly John Doyle, an I.T. guru who lives here in Mi Wuk Village.  He offered this blog makeover to me/us and I accepted, not having a clue how in depth it would be.  I love the concept and where it’s going.  It will make navigation much easier and clearer in the future.  I’m watching and participating in concepts.  John and his team are doing the actual implementation.  We are now going to be 21st century proud.

You’ll be seeing more posts (I hope!) from my co-reporter/editor Gregory Oliver as the days move forward.   Gregory has been one of our best reporters over the past few years and is a neighbor and trusted friend.  When he puts his bio together you’ll find out a bit more about him.  If you’re ever in the Lama Hisum/Olo Win Trail area you might see us walking, with his two dogs, almost daily.  Time for that walk varies greatly.  We also take a break, sitting by the newish yellow fire hydrant by the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company’s pump house, watching the cars go by and waving.

I have several requests of you:

1- Bare with us as we continue finalizing many changes.

2- Use the comment option to point out any ‘goofy’ things you see.  You can be a critical ‘editor’.  There are many that we are aware of and many that remain to pop up their heads.

3- There will be a new sign up form soon so you can receive notices in your inbox when a new post has been uploaded.  If you’re already receiving inbox notices you will NOT have to sign up again.

4- I’m working on the calendar so it will be filled with upcoming events.  If you know of a local community event, please bring it to my attention.  That’s a task I can handle!

5- Positive or constructive comments are welcome as well.


You’ll continue to see more changes and updates in the coming days.  Thanks for hanging in there.  And enjoy.

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    I don’t get an email anymore when you post , was going to email you and ask if you were still writing it – is it because it’s a new format? love the new look. really nice.

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