Hope's Tree Service is at Work in Sugar Pine

Hope's Tree Service at work
Workers from Hope’s Tree Service are clearing limbs up 15 feet and removing other vegetation debris from the roadsides. They are chipping the tree branches as they are trimmed. If you need mulch call Hope. (phone number is in previous post here.)

If you see a bunch of orange cones along the road in Sugar Pine (this photo was taken along Pine Lake Drive on Thursday, March 9th) that means Hope’s Tree Service is just ahead, working on clearing brush from the roadside.  PLEASE SLOW DOWN AND GIVE THE WORKERS SAFE SPACE.

Some of the fees that CalFire has collected under the SRA mandatory fee have come back to the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District and Tuolumne County in the way of a $190,000 + grant for clearing brush from the roadsides in Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine.  You can check out more details in this post.

Diane Egan-Dies is the site supervisor and will be accompanying the crew at all times as they progress throughout Sugar Pine and Mi Wuk.  She will be totally available to homeowners to answer questions and concerns as the crew inches its way along the roadways.  The crews will NOT be removing decorative plants that a homeowner may have planted in the easement area unless there is a safety reason.  And someone will be discussing it with the homeowner before that happens.

Just to be clear, the property adjacent the roadway in front of your home/cabin in not actually your property.  It is county easement 10 feet from roadway to your property line, depending upon topography, such as a steep bank.) Bottom line:  the clearing crews will be sensitive when it comes to items you may have planted that might be in the easement area.

Diane Dies, road clearing project supervisor
Diane Egan-Dies, road clearing Project Supervisor

They are starting on the roads adjacent the forest boundaries and will then move to the interior roads of both communities.  As of Friday, March 10th, they are in Sugar Pine and have worked beyond Yellow Pine Road and are now on Hekeke.  (I haven’t been out to check progress this morning.)  They will be stopping work at 1 p.m. on Friday due to cold, nasty, inclement weather frosted with snow.  Look for them again on Monday, March 14th, weather compliant!

After the heavy work (tree branch and brush removal) is completed they will be going back along the roads and removing a light layer of pine needles and low level debris from the roadsides.  Do not even think of depositing your pine needles there.  Photos are being taken daily.  And fresh piles kind of stick out like a sore thumb.  Your personal yard piles are most definitely not a part of this grant as much as we all wish they could be.  That’ll be for another grant (hopefully) at another time.

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