How Much Snow in on the Ground in Mi Wuk?

We had a few inches of snow two days ago and then about 3″ – 5″ overnight last night.  Here’s what it looks in the Lama Hisum Road area this morning:

5" reading on Klipple's deck railing
5″ reading on Klipple’s deck railing
3" reading on Klipple's deck railing
3″ overnight reading on Klipple’s deck railing
Lama Hisum Road area--Klipple's driveway
Lama Hisum Road area–Klipple’s driveway
Looking out into Stanislaus Forest
Looking out toward Susu Court via backyards — check out the dead tree in the middle. You can’t see the other 15 or so!


I took the video because I could hear the “mountain song” in the trees.   There is quite a breeze out there.  9:15 a.m.-ish.  Just click on it and the spinning wheel (if you have one) will stop and the video will play.

Sorry about all the photos being Klipple-centric but I’m not venturing out just yet.  I hope to get over towards the triangle today to get a good photo of Mr. & Mrs. Claus in the snow.


PS I’m working on the 2017 calendar so what you’ll see in the next few days is a work-in-progress, definitely not a finished product!  I think January is right but no guarantee on any other month for sure!





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