The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District and I are just overwhelmed (and tickled) with the way our village has embraced the family who desperately needed our help this Christmas season.

Captain Drew Collier and I took the helm on this “project” and it has been amazingly rewarding and heart warming.

Packages for our adopted family started trickling in a few weeks ago and the collection is almost beyond words.  The gratitude felt by the Fire Department (and me) is huge.  Our community has really pulled together to make a difference in this family’s lives.  The original request was for some “Christmas” for their 2 and 3 year old children. 

Gifts for the MWSPFPD's adopted familyFrom the bottom of our hearts, Drew and I thank Mi Wuk Village/Sugar Pine homeowners, both full and part time.  It is going to change the family forever.  They are a ‘giving’ family, and it hasn’t been easy for them to be on the receiving side of life.

Captain Drew Collier and Blythe just after delivering the gifts
Captain Drew Collier and Blythe just after delivering the gifts.

Thank you EVERYONE for your generosity!

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    Nick Tusup had a butcher shop in twain Harte across from the 7/11 store. Not in Mi Wuk Village.

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