It's Enchilada Time - Final Fund Raiser of the Year

Friday morning a gaggle of gals from the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Auxiliary gathered to assemble around 200 pans of enchiladas for our semi-annual Enchilada Take & Bake fund raiser.

We tried something new this year for shredding the chicken:  give two cooked chicken breasts (at a time) an 8 second whirl in a Kitchen Aid mixer and “vwalaa”, it’s perfectly shredded!  That saved hours of time previously spent with several forks per person pulling and shredding each breast.

Happy ‘shredders’: Cathy (chairman), Shirley, Nickie, Carolyn and Blythe (shredders).


We used the paddle on the right rather than the dough hook for shredding. AMAZING!


Complete with gloves and hair ‘nets’ the assembly line was ready.
  • Sauce on the corn (gluten free) or flour tortilla
  • Meat added: chicken or beef or chili/cheese
  • Cheese added
  • Enchilada rolled up and placed in pan (2 per pan)
  • More sauce
  • Cheese
  • Olives
  • Identifying lid added and secured
  • Completed pan placed in cooler chilled with dry ice

The ‘whole enchilada’ crew:

Front row:  Pat, Carolyn, Blythe
Back row:  Sherry, Eileen, Cassandra, Cathy, Ellen, Nancy, Shirley, Laurie, Kady
Photo Bomber:  Ron (he was there, ready to meet the public for pick up from noon-3 p.m.)

When all pre-orders were packaged, we used the extra ingredients to assemble around 40 more trays of enchiladas.  We also left 6 trays of enchiladas for the on duty fire fighters.

  • Two enchiladas per tray
  • $10 per tray (check or cash – no CC)
  • Choices (first come first serve)
    • Flour tortillas
      • 5 beef (ground)
      • 5 chili/cheese (large mild chili pepper)

If you’d like a tray (or 2 or 3), please call me, Blythe, 586-1962 or 352-1059, and we’ll arrange a time to meet at the Fire Station.  First come, first served as far as selection goes.  This will be a bit crazy but we want to share the wealth of these yummy extra enchiladas (freeze and heat and eat later when you have no meal plan!!)   I’m available Sunday (today) and Monday but NOT Tuesday.  Other times by arrangement but be sure to call me first!!!   Please do not call the station.  Both Bonnie (secretary) and the fire fighters have their own jobs to tend to.

If all goes as planned, the next Enchilada Take & Bake will be in April 2019.

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