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Yesterday my walking partner, Gregory, and I took a plastic bag on our less than one mile route of Lama Hisum to Olo Win Trail and back to Lama Hisum.  Our goal was to pick up the litter we saw along our path.  We filled the bag!

Unfortunately we filled our bag!


These little goodies were found along less than a one mile route.

It’s now in our garbage can, waiting for Monday’s pickup.

I think PG&E might have even left a contribution–that ‘HIG…” might have been a HIGH VOLTAGE sign.

Our challenge to you walkers out there:  take a plastic bag along with you and pick up the litter you find along your route.  Most popular:  candy wrappers, plastic water bottles, cigarette packages, styrofoam cups and little bits and pieces of this and that.

Take a photo of your collection and send it to me in an email,, and I’ll post it here.  Let’s clean up our roads.

We’ll be walking a different route today to see what “joys” that brings.  I don’t know how people can toss litter out their car windows or when they’re walking around but they can and they do.  Let’s keep Mi Wuk Village – and Sugar Pine and Sierra Village and anywhere else you walk – as clean and pretty as nature intended.  Have fun and enjoy the exercise!

      and Gregory

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