Joining the Beautification Team is Easy. Day 2

Yeah!  Keverne took the challenge and joined the Mi Wuk beautification team.  Her walk yesterday afternoon was Lama Teumete / Olo Win / Nuke Trail around 1 p.m.  Big bag.  Lots of trash.

Funny thing is that Gregory and I did almost the same route but in reverse:  Lama Hisum / Olo Win Trail / Nuka Trail / Lama Teumete / Lama Hisum.

There’s not as much as the previous day, but then, I think we followed Keverne by several hours. We had to hunt for what we picked up.

Here’s a “by the way…..”   By the way, if you place branches (and we have plenty of them) along the roadside, in hope that they will be picked up, they will NOT be removed by the county.  They’ll remain there indefinitely.

When we go out on our daily walk on Monday, we’re going to try to vary our route and we’ll be carrying an extra bag or two to share with a bagless walker.  Be sure to share your loot in a photo when you get out there.  You’ll love the sense of pride and power you experience.  Plus the walk is just good for your body and soul.

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