Lama Hisum Water Shutoff TODAY

Here’s what the problem looked like today:

If you ever see water running down the road coming from just a crack in the road, report it to your water company.  It’s probably a broken pipe.

Lovett Excavation was able to pull a crew from another job to get this leak stopped. Thank you!
It just looks dirty and harmless.



Water in the entire district had to be turned off (2 p.m.) After digging the area out the problem was found to be on a secondary line going to only two homes.  So they (part time residents) are without water for overnight.

The bad pipe has been removed and has been capped–top right of the photo.


‘Current code’ PVC pipe has been laid in the trench and attached to the street connection. Next it’ll be attached to the homeowner’s line going into their home. Finally, fill the trench and repave. Not today.

UPDATE:  3:30 p.m.-ish:  Water back on.

UPDATE:  2 p.m.-ish:  The ENTIRE water system is shut off.   More when I know more.


Quick news blast here–11.25 A.M.

Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District………Water will be turned off from Lama Hisum and Susu Court to the pump house at Olo Win Trail for several hours sometime in the next few minutes (or hours).  Kalanu and Hiema Courts will also be shut off.

A service line has a leak.  The work crew is going to stall a shut off valve on the main line on the road (Lama Hisum) to isolate the faulty service line.  Then they will turn therein line for those on Lama Hisum back on while they work on the service line.

I’ll keep you posted.  Equipment will be blocking road passage on Lama Hisum Road from one end to the other of Olo Win Trail.  Turn at the Olo Win closest to you (or your vehicle) to avoid the road closure.

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