I’m just going to write as thoughts come to my mind and my notes inform me.

The roads in Mi Wuk are not plowed (by the county) and won’t be as long as power lines are down, over and around the roads.

PG&E will not come into the Village to repair the lines until the roads are plowed.

You can see that picture I hope.

Per PG&E, this could go on for days.

A tree has fallen on the pump house of the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company.  Your water is fine since the tanks are full.  However, pumps cannot work without “instruction”.

Gregory Oliver will be keeping me updated at information is available re the Water Company.

If you need supplies (food, gas for generator or propane for camping stove) it is suggested that you go out and get them TODAY.  A bigger storm plus wind is due in tonight.

You cannot pass through Lama Hisum toward Lama Tamalin at Olo Win Trail.  Go the long way, around Lama Teumete to Lama and then on out to the highway.  Trees and power lines are down all over the place so use caution.

Please check on your neighbors to see that they’re ok or if they need anything.  My email:




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  1. Avatar

    Thanks Blythe! You are always so kind to post what is going on in the community.

    1. Blythe

      Hugs to you Joyce! And thank you. It’s quite a mess out here. ~Blythe

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