Let's Add Insult to Injury........or.....HE'S BA-A-A-CK

Today is Monday.

Monday means garbage pickup — without interference from snow this week.

And guess who came out of the woods???  THE BEAR!

Per my local reporter, “he” dumped both of our very full cans, ripped bags open and spread debris all over the street.  He also dumped at least five others…..two on Aselu Ct., one or two on Taismu Ct.(<spelling??) and another on Lama Hisum to the SE of us.

I’m quarantined to the couch with foot elevated still (week 4) so poor Russ is down at the street cleaning up before the Waste Management trucks arrive.

Can’t we – the community – get a break?  🙂

Russ did get it cleaned up before the truck arrived.


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