Lines Down on Olo Win Trail near Teumete.....for Nearly a Week

You might have noticed, as many must have, that there were lines down on the Teumete end of Olo Win Trail for at least five days.  One homeowner finally got through to Comcast yesterday–the first Comcast had heard of it.  A repairman came out to the scene–they are not Comcast lines.  They are AT&T lines.  AT&T will be out ‘later this week’, by Friday for sure.

A power pole had been compromised, *probably* by one of the work trucks that are throughout our community.  The downed lines caused vehicles to drive around them so they were quite obvious.

The lines are not ‘live’; they belong to AT&T.  Both AT&T and Comcast will be moving their lines a bit higher up from the road once repairs have been made.

Moral to the story:  if you notice downed lines, call someone.  PG&E.  Comcast.  AT&T.  Don’t assume someone else has already done so.



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