Local Response to Confidence Inn Demolition

“As I drove by many, many days past, I wondered why such a well known and well loved icon was being left to such blight. I wondered why it was left to the vandals to have their moment of “jollies” to break out the glass in every single window – yet nobody saw a thing! To those of us who remember The Confidence Inn I want to say I am ashamed of whoever made the conscious decision to defame it as you did. I pray that someday you make repentance to people who not only owned and operated that business but those of us who enjoyed stopping in once in a while.   Today, without any public notice, which possibly it wasn’t required, I drove by to see it being demolished. I only had a moment to reflect back on the days spent having a bite to eat or a libation of sorts and it was sad to see it go. Our community is changing,  and quickly I might add!  Our trees are gone, our long time restaurants have gone by the wayside. I hope you all have taken pictures so those of us who still love posterity have something to reminisce over.”  -Micki Rucker, Sugar Pine resident, local business owner and Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Board Member.

You are welcome to add your thoughts to this travesty.  Just send me an email and I’ll get it posted.   blythek@mac.com

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