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Lama Hisum logs
Lama Hisum logs

I’ve been waiting a few days to get ‘permission’ from PGE’s media department to post the following.  (haven’t heard yet but……..)  It’s public information that we all need to know.

“If a customer has logs from our [PGE] work stacked in front of their property or on their property, they need to call 1-800-PGE-5000.  This will create a case and a representative from the Wood Removal Program  [ACRT] will assess the property to determine if the logs qualify for the program.  If the logs do qualify the owners will sign a form giving us [PG&E] permission to remove them.  If the logs do not qualify the representative will notify the owner that they do not qualify.”

logs stacked on Muheli Rd
Logs stacked on Muheli Rd

You need to ask, when you speak to someone on the phone, for the EXTENDED DEBRIS PROGRAM (or something close to that) and don’t hang up before you have a case number.  I know you’ve heard this before.  If the representative on the phone doesn’t know what you’re talking about ask for another rep or a supervisor.  All phone reps are not from northern California and don’t necessarily know about this program.

This information has been posted before but this is just another verification of it.  We’ve got to be pro-active for our own properties.  Call.  Call again.  And call again if necessary.


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