MAHA's Annual Holiday Party

…..And a good time was had by all……

ornament centerpiece

The turnout for 2016 Holiday Party at the Library/Community Center was great, as were the conversation and the appetizers, sweet and savory.

Women on one side of the room
I had to take this photo because the women were on one side of the room……Left > right, Shirley Vierth, Carolyn Peters, Ellen Heald and Alvena Leal.

And the men……..

men on the other side of the room
The men were on the other side of the room!  Left > right:  Standing:  Arlen Richardson, Joe Peters; sitting: Chuck Wagner, Maurie Leal and Mike Welch.


In case you don’t remember or don’t know, once upon a time this room housed two fire trucks.  It’s been well converted into a library reading room.

Conversaton was good
Conversation was good.  Left > right: Arlene Williams, Patty Parent, Cathy Richardson and Alvena Leal.

There were 34 attendee!  Yeah Team!  Once it got crowded I got busy chatting and forgot to take more photos.  Too bad I missed the enticing appetizers that were brought to be shared.  Yum!

If you either forgot, or were not there, to bring non-perishable food goods for donating to Interfaith Family Services, you can still bring some by to the library during the next week.  If no one is is there, just slide your donations in through the book drop.  They will be taken to Interfaith early next week.

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    It was a great party. Very festive and the food was delicious.

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