MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU (Christmas Wreath)Thank you for checking out our Mi Wuk blog throughout this past year, for leaving comments now and then, for helping the Fire Department’s adopted family this season and for just being a part of this wonderful community.


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    Hi Blythe! We love your blog site! We are moving in June from the central valley to Mi Wuk for a much anticipated 6 year finalization of our plan to live in the beautiful Sierras. I am a Firefighter in San Jose and want to protect our forest as much as anyone who has lived here for years.

    I received a letter and understand many in our neighborhood have; I have been in close contact with PG & E regarding the tree removal in our village. I do understand the necessity to fell trees for the upcoming fire season in light of our historic drought but…PG & E has not made a big effort to alert the citizens of Mi Wuk and surrounding areas of the GREAT IMPORTANCE of removing the Ponderosa Pine Trees that will invite Pine Bark Beetle to our properties and our forest. PG& E. will fell the trees regardless if they are on your property or the countys’ and will leave the trunks in 4 to 6 feet sections on your property and the property owner is required to dispose of the wood. Any Ponderosa Pine cut this time of year will sap and attract the beetle. The tree feller felt that removing the debris from properties was the best route to follow.

    We do not want to exchange one problem for another and let’s all be diligent in protecting our forest. I understand there are organizations who desire the wood and would cut and remove at no cost. I am actively investigating these resources.

    Neal Reynolds

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