Message from Chuck Wagner, M.A.H.A. President

Chuck feels he wasn’t clear on a letter he sent out to Mi Wuk post office box holders regarding High Country Friends of the Library.  If this was a letter you didn’t receive and that doesn’t pertain to you, then just don’t worry about it at all.  🙂

From Chuck:

“I apologize for any confusion I might have cause with the wording in the bill for HCF. I was talking about the annual M.A.H.A. Meeting who’s directors have to make the decision if they want to attempt to open their library 3 days a week with new volunteers who do not have to belong to either HCF or M.A.H.A  if they choose not to, but would like to help anyhow and the date of that meeting which is in October will appear in the Smoke Signals. I am inviting anyone to come and express their opinion even if they are not members of M.A.H.A.  I was attempting to save some money by including the invitation with the bill, but let it slip my mind about which meeting it was as HCF has a meeting on July 20 which I am sure confused people,  however no good deed goes unpunished.”

So folks, give Chuck a break.  He’s trying to save a few dollars.

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    Chuck another good deed . the MAHA annual meeting will be on the SAT.after Labor Day 10 AM at the Library

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