I was able to go by the scene of the triple house fires late this afternoon and in my most humble opinion, Mi Wuk escaped a scary fire ‘opportunity’.

Panoramic view of the three houses that were destroyed
Panoramic view of the three houses that were destroyed.  Late afternoon shadows aren’t helping in this shot!
House number 3, on right
House number 3, on right
Center lot, totally destroyed home
Center lot, totally destroyed home.  This is reportedly where the fire began.  A suspected source of this fire was an unattended charcoal barbeque grill.
Detroyed home on left
Destroyed home on left.  The car in driveway created a large explosion during the event.
Burned trees just a 'row or two' in front of dead trees
Burned trees just a ‘row or two’ in front of dead trees.

These photos should be an alert to all homeowners to be sure your property is clear of low level fuel and that you never leave a bar-b-que grill unattended.  Large embers escaped from this fire and started several vegetation fires which fortunately were quickly extinguished.  Thank you to all the departments that came out to the call!

PG&E and AT&T spent many hours on their road today repairing various lines.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the residents of ‘house #3’, Wendy Ann and her children.

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