This year it has come to the attention of the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Department that there is a family in our community in dire need of our help.  The Department has decided to adopt this family and is asking for your support!

There will be a Giving Tree at the department covered with ‘needs’ cards.  Without going into details the family has suffered a dramatic loss which includes many household items, especially clothing and personal items.

If you are at your primary residence and not up in Mi Wuk or the area right now you can still help.  Simply call the Fire Station, 209-586-5256, and tell whoever answers the phone that you’d like to help.  You can specify a person, a dollar amount, or an item from a list that will be near all station phones.


  • Two children
    • girl, 3
    • boy, 2
    • mom
    • dad
    • grandma


  • Artificial Christmas tree (does not have to be new), 6′ tall or so.
    • ornaments
    • tree top angel – theirs was destroyed, little girl loved it: gossamer type wings lit up
  • gift cards for
    • grocery store
    • Kohls
    • any other you can think of
  • Girl: 4T
    • shoe size 8
    • shirts/tops
    • jeans
    • dresses
    • jammies
    • ‘little girly’ hat
    • Toys: Princess Sophia I !!!!!
    • Fisher-Price doctor kit/set
    • anything you know a 4-year old girly girl might enjoy
  • Boy: 2T
    • Toddler (crib) bedding/crib size
      • mattress pad
      • sheets
      • snuggy blanket
    • shoe size 7
    • jeans
    • shirts
    • sweatshirt/hoody
    • jammies
    • Toys:  Train set, cars, anything that lights up, baseball cap like the firefighters wear
    • anything you know a 2-year old boy might enjoy
  • Mom
    • pants:  (jeans/sweats) size 10
    • tops: long sleeves, sweaters, size Medium
    • colors: pink (not pepto bismol pink!), black; all others except no green or orange please!
    • hobbies:  crochet, knitting
    • reading: NON-fiction, biographies
    • anything you know a mom might enjoy
  • Dad
    • gift card for clothing (has lost weight, not certain of sizes)
    • hobbies: RC cars, hot wheels, racing games
    • anything you know a dad might enjoy
  • Grandma
    • RECEIVED > big fluffy, cuddy, cozy blanket
    • fragrant candles (fruity/floral/clean linen/fresh laundry)
    • anything you know a grandma might enjoy
    • If you will not be using your ‘cabin’ for the next six  months or so and would like to offer it for the family’s use, please let the fire department know.

Items highlighted in GREEN are snuggly awaiting delivery at the Fire Station.  I.e., they have been purchased.

Last item:  a miracle.  I wish they could be the subject of a beautiful Hallmark Christmas movie that turns out all warm and happy.  We can make a miracle happen in our village for sure though.

You can contact me via email: blythek@mac.com or phone: 209-586-1962 with questions.  All family assistance calls should go to the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine station.  209-586-5256.

Giving cards are available from the tree in the great room at the Hwy 108 Fire Station.  You may certain call the station regarding specific items.  Thank you for caring and helping!

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