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A request just came in from Steve Durgin, our guy who keeps tabs on all things necessary for our water.

Yes, a tree fell on the pump house on Saturday but only on the storage end of it.  The pumps were not harmed.  But………Please be cautious with your water usage , don’t use excess water, during the power outage because the pumps are not pumping and therefore the tanks are not refilling.

Thanks to all.

intersection of Olo Win Trail and Lama Hisum Rd.
Tree fell behind pump house (on left) and across Lama Hisum Rd.

Crews should be working on this today.  I haven’t been out yet so don’t know first hand!




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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for the regular updates. Wife and I are looking forward to power being restored. Can you shed any light on the Xfinity/Comcast Internet and tv service being restored? We have a generator to power equipment, but the lines must be down also.
    We are located on Kutci and Palepeta. That is the other end from the closed for work intersection you photographed. Stay warm, looks very cold.

    1. Blythe

      Xfinity/Comcast: Hmmmmm. I have called them as have several others to let Comcast know that service is out IN THE COMMUNITY. They insist on making an appointment to come to the individual home to check the connection! I did manage to convince someone, somehow to come out and check the roads in the community and that will happen tomorrow sometime between 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. We have our ‘personal’ appointment on the 29th! I hope tomorrow’s visit to the community will show Concast that cable lines are indeed down and need repair!
      Once it is repaired internet and tv service should be restored. You can bet I’ll be posting when it’s back up!!! PS It is very cold. Yesterday we got out home ‘toastied up a bit’ but today it’s been a struggle. Layering is a big help. ~Blythe

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    These updates are very helpful. Thank you for sharing them.

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