Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company Repair on Tuesday, 14 February


Water line pipe repair is necessary….runoff coming down Susu Court from the broken water line.  We know it’s neither rain nor snow runoff at this point.

A repair to the main line of the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company on Susu Court on Tuesday, February 14th.  A contractor will be on site around 9 a.m.  The repair will require a total shut off of the entire system for a few hours, beginning “around noon-ish”.  Bear in mind, that once the repair begins anything can happen.

Site of the broken water line
Site of the broken water line, after having a work truck park over it over this weekend.

That said, take your showers in the morning and perhaps fill a pot or two with water just in case.

broken line
Broken water line.  That “little line” is making a big problem!

Susu Court.  Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company.  Water turn off February 14th, around mid-day.  Proposed 2 hour shutoff if all goes well.

If you have any questions, contact Gregory Oliver at 586-2523.





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  1. Avatar

    Is Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company different than Mi Wuk Village Mutual Water Company? We live on Muheli Road in Mi Wuk Village. Will we be affected? Thanks. Larry

    1. Blythe

      Yes, Larry, we are different. (Seems I’m frequently in the ‘different’ group!) Mi Wuk Mutual and you guys on Muheli are not affected. ~Blythe

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