Mi-Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company has announced that PG&E’s tree removal crew has broken a water line at 20995 Lama Teumete Road. The crane truck drove to close to the edge of the road and caused a break in the water line.

A repair crew has been called in to fix the water line. Water has been shut off along Lama Hisum Road beginning at Leka Road and continuing into Lama Teumete Road all the way down to Nuka Trail and include Wakalu Trail. Water should be off for most of the day and be restored around 6:00 p.m. tonight.

Please be patient while the repair crew is fixing the water line. If we get any new information about the water line repair, we will do an updated posting to give you the current status of the water line repair.

The crane crew as moved onto Aselu Court and lets hope that they do not cause anymore water line breaks.

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